Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Of The Best Way to Brighten a Day

So, I told you all that I was sick for a while with a horrible cold. My nose is barely hanging on  BUT, I'm using tape to keep it on, LOL. Just Kidding. :)

I'm feeling better and I am no longer one of the walking dead (metaphorically speaking), but it seems like life for Gilbert has just been getting worse and worse. I'm starting to think that I broke a mirror or walked under a ladder because my luck has been so horrible. It's like a chain of bad events:

1. My car, Heather, isn't working
2. I've got to figure out how to get $2,375 by Nov. 1 for the rest of my tuition or I will no longer be attending Loyola University (my dream school...sniffle) :'(
3. I don't have a job and my mom can't afford the rest of the money. 
4. The loan I applied for never went through or the guy didn't give me enough information or something.
5. And I have to figure out how to use the New Orleans public transportation for the first time out of my entire life living here. 

Things are really looking bleak for me right now; all this stress and sadness is affecting my reading but I will prevail! I hope. :( But, I promise that the next review will be Cleopatra's Moon and WILL happen soon.

Now, what made my day, turning bleak sadness into smiling glee was that a very special author sent me her book signed in the mail! She really didn't have to, but she did and I am really appreciative!  And do you know who that super amazing woman is?!!!!


I received my copy of Starcrossed today! It came in the mail at the perfect moment because I was just freaking over money for school and my entire facial expression changed in a millisecond. 

To show my appreciation I took ten million pictures (huge exaggeration) and I made this thank you video to Josie. 

Again, Thank you sooooooooooo much Josie! You're the bomb diggity!!! 

- Gilbert 


  1. I don't know but that book just looks right in your hands. It's so you! :D

    I'm so glad I could brighten your day, Enjoli. <3


  2. Thanks again Josie! <3

    Your book IS so me and I am glad I've my own copy of the book!!!! :)



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