Gilbert & Gomez's Giveaways
Hades & Brooklyn Burning Giveaway (coming soon) 

Other Giveaways
Sweetly by Jackson Pearce Giveaway on BookHounds...YA
Forever Giveaway on BookHounds...YA
Hades Giveaway on The Book Monsters
Tales with Scales Giveaway on Nymfaux
All These Things I've Done on The Book Monsters 
400 Follower Giveaway on Stuck in YA Books
Recently Released YA Goodness on A Book Vacation
Iron Knight Giveaway on The Fairytale Nerd
Sweet Venom Giveaway on BookHounds...YA
Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia & Margret Stohl on BookHounds...YA*
Beautiful Darkness on BookHounds...YA*
Happy Halloween Giveaway #1 on darkangel88**
Happy Halloween Giveaway #2 on darkangel88

**Your choice of YA**


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