Friday, January 18, 2013

Of Giveaways

Okay everyone! Since I started working at Barnes and Noble (this is Gilbert) I have money! YAY money! You gals and guys are probably wondering "what does this have to do with me?" WELL, since I can afford it I can send books for giveaways! 

I have all these books that I'm never going to read that I receive from publishing companies and some from ALA (American Library Association) and my mom is getting frustrated seeing all these boxes of books since I have no where to put them. Some of them might be ARCs some will be hardcover, it doesn't matter I'm giving them away. BUT, the only stipulation is that whoever gets the book has to write a review for it. 

We'll make sure you get the credit on the blog and everything. We love hearing what everyone has to say about books and we also love guest reviewers. You'll email us the review and the rating, between 1 and 6, so we can post it.

I'll post what the first giveaway is soon, so spread the word!

Gilbert & Gomez

Monday, January 14, 2013

Of Final Battles, Death, & Ultimate Decisions

Goddess Inheritance 
by Aimee Carter

Love or life.

Henry or their child.

The end of her family or the end of the world.

Kate must choose.

During nine months of captivity, Kate Winters has survived a jealous goddess, a vengeful Titan and a pregnancy she never asked for. Now the Queen of the Gods wants her unborn child, and Kate can’t stop her—until Cronus offers a deal.
In exchange for her loyalty and devotion, the King of the Titans will spare humanity and let Kate keep her child. Yet even if Kate agrees, he’ll destroy Henry, her mother and the rest of the council. And if she refuses, Cronus will tear the world apart until every last god and mortal is dead.
With the fate of everyone she loves resting on her shoulders, Kate must do the impossible: find a way to defeat the most powerful being in existence, even if it costs her everything.
Even if it costs her eternity.



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