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What upppp, DUDE! I'm Gilbert, half of that totally awesome and cool girl duo, Gilbert & Gomez. I'm usually the one who gives Gomez the books with the series endings or cliff endings...so I guess I'm the cause of the "curse of the cliffhanger". LOL great, kudos for me! Anyway, I tend to like books with a strong heroine, one who accomplishes something and grows to become the woman you want to be like (ie. if you lived in whatever setting she lives in). Plus, I love a good romance novel; anything that makes me go awww or sigh with heart-felt emotion I'm on it like peanut butter on jelly! But, it's kinda sad when you can't find a romance novel that just ends like it should, you know without all the cliffhangers and open endings and stuff. I don't turn Hulkish like Gomez does when I find out there's another two, three, ten books, I just welcome the challenge and except the fact that sometimes an author just doesn't want to give up on a story. Then, I listen to Gomez rant and rave about how awful the ending was and how much she hates a book...then listen to her silent tears of acceptance because she will read the next ones anyway. Usually, I end up getting yelled at for liking the guy that the girl falls for, while she obsesses over that other guy that only like two people (exaggeration) like. I cant help it; there is just something about the moody, conflicted guy who has a troubled past and wants a better future with the heroine. He calls to me, even if I hate him one moment and love him the next. DRAMA...that's what I like in a book! Drama and emotion and confusion...adding in a dash of love triangle and an adventure or war and you have a book I'll read. Send anything at me and I'll conquer it because I'm awesome like that new Old Spicy guy. Look at my reviews, now look at the book, now look at my reviews, now look at the book, now look BACK at my reviews. Yes, you are right they are awesome and totally insightful. Now look I'm riding bare-back on a horse, while you enjoy reviews from a bookaholic not so anonymous. (winks while riding away)


Blogging it up- oh yeah. I'm Gomez, half of the lovely and talented duo of Gilbert & Gomez. I tend to drift toward books with a big romance plot. Which translates into I like books that have a central plot line that involves character relationships. However I tend not to be a big fan of realistic fiction or really bizarre science fiction. Let me also say that I'm open to reading most stuff, because I enjoy being surprised by books. I may also have been given the "curse of the cliffhanger". In case you don't know what that is, since I made it up, that means I tend to really like books that end up being series. I get really into a book, then BAM! cliffhanger. Then I realize there are two, three, ten more books that will make this one book part of a series. This normally results in me almost turning into the Hulk, venting to Gilbert, and occasionally asking myself "why?" while a single tear rolls down my face. It's a very dramatic experience. I also have this weird trend of backing (joining the team of) the less popular romantic interest. At least that's what it seems like to me. Because everyone else is like "Oh I love the guy that the man character is drooling over...he's so dark, moody, and troubled!" Meanwhile I'm like "Ah! That other guy is SO awesome, why aren't you with him?! He's funny! He's dashingly handsome! He's your best friend- which is the best way to start a romantic relationship! He's clever, witty, smart, adorable! What is wrong with you!!!!!!!!?????!!!!!" I might also hit things or bang the book against my head in frustration. Read my reviews (you'll know their mine trust me) and you'll see my repeated siding with the best friend/non-edward-cullen-esque guy. But hey that's me. So send that book my way or totally stalk read my reviews. You're gonna love'em, or your money back. Which doesn't really make sense since you didn't pay me to begin with, but it sounds official. So enjoy reading from a bookaholic not so anonymous!


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