Review Policy

This blog isn't just for fun. It is the tool of our trade and we never do anything half way. We love everything about books and want to show people just how much we care. 

Each book is rated between one and six with the letter G representing one and G6 representing six. We know that one to six isn't the common rating scale, but we wanted to take advantage of the fact that both our last names start with G and one of our favorite songs is "Like a G6" by Far East Movement.

Every review we write is absolutely honest and based on our combined opinions. This gives each reader a chance to see two perspectives of a book. You know what they say, "Two heads are better than one." 

Currently we read mostly YA fiction, whether it be historical fiction, romance, adventure, and the list goes on. We try not to stick to one form of YA reading because everyone has different taste, and if you don't see enough variety or just wish to give us advise on our choices of books, we except it wholeheartedly. Every opinion counts. 

Also, if you have a review of a book that you have read and would like other people to know how you feel, just send it to us with your first initial, last name, and rating and we will make sure your opinion is voiced. You can find our email under Contact Us.

Right now the books we are reading are either ARCS from NetGalley, YALSA (until next year), bookstores, and the library. 

If any publishers, editors, or authors would like to send us copies of their books please contact us at:


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