Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Within a Magic Box Delivered by the UPS Man

So, as we all know Gilbert won Ann Mauren's: 
Ellery-Style Prize Pack
She received it from the fantastic UPS man (who she missed coming to her house :(...) yesterday evening and literally tore into it! 

in the bag: the book, book business cards, swedish fish,
blogger's guide, hot pink flash drive (with a letter from Ash),
an extremely sweet card with picture of Ann, Jerry (her husband),
and her cute kiddies, melted (but now solid) chocolate,
and a mystery smelling bath bomb

She didn't find a chocolatey explosion like she and Ann thought, but her chocolate was melted and had to be center to the emergency room in the freezer to salvage any of its chocolatey goodness. The only thing that had chocolate on it was her Blogger's Guide to the Mayne Attraction. 
do you see the little bit of chocolate by my finger?

I couldn't stop smiling! I was so freaked out when I saw this shiny box on my doorstep and then I was growling at the box because I couldn't get it open fast enough! LOL! I'm so excited about everything in the box and I can tell how much thought and effort was put into it because of every little note Ann placed on this or that in the box. Ann is a great person and I love her...Gomez and I joke that she's my author-bestie. But really she's someone I respect because of her hard work and dedication to her work and the people who read her books. 

Anyway, thanks Ann for all the fantastic things and the really sweet card. I'll cherish all of your gifts forever...or until I eat them or something along those lines. Then, I'll have the pictures for my memories :).

Here's Gilbert thanking Ann Mauren for her awesome prize! 


  1. Awww! That made me cry! I thought putting all the goodies together would be the fun part--wrong! THIS VIDEO was the actual reward! That's got to be the best thank you I'll ever get! Thank you for the THANK YOU VIDEO Enjoli! Just fabulous!!!

  2. I'm glad you liked it Ann. I sent you pictures and the video just in case you would like to place it on your blog. You truly are my favorite author!



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