Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Of New Year's Resolutions 2012

Hello everyone and welcome to the new year! It's finally 2012, the year that the world is "supposedly" suppose to end, LOL. But, it is also a new beginning for everyone. 

We both have decided that with this new beginning Gilbert & Gomez could use some resolutions! Hayley and I have thought had over this past year and what things we could improve on the blog so that you guys' experience is as wonderful as us! :) So, here they are! We hope that if anything should be added or changed ya'll would let us know. You are the audience and we want your opinion. 

2012 New Year Resolutions
1. Broaden our range of YA novels. We want to start reading all kinds of YA not just romance and paranormal. 
2. Try to post a new blog entry at least 4 times a week. 
3. Have at least one new book review each week.
4. Increase audience involvement. We want you guys to be actively involved in what we do, that includes leaving comments on post. :)
5. Have more giveaways! Everyone likes free books, and we want to be able to do this for you guys. 
6. Interview authors. We think since now that we have the hang of the whole blogging thing that we will be able to have interviews with our and your favorite authors. 

These are our resolutions for 2012. Like we said, if you have anything to add or change please leave a comment below to voice your opinion. If we are not fulfilling any of our resolutions, please let us know. :)

Thank you and WELCOME TO 2012!!

- Enjoli & Hayley 

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