Sunday, November 27, 2011

Of an Allegiance Rant

This is what Gomez is feeling about Allegiance by Cayla Kluver so far:

Angry Rant:

Seriously hating on Alera right now. Like legit hating. I honestly don't understand why she's so in love with Narian, which is the cause of my hatred. Stelfor seriously has improved in my sight while Alera just dropped way down. He's trying to make things work between them and is meeting her way more than half way and yet she's  treating him like trash AND she keeps twisting the dagger in his heart! UGH! I just wanted to slap her and be like "Look what's in front of you! Take a step back and look at how ridiculous you are. You insist on confining both of these men to who they were, not who they are!" Ugh, I'm just a mess here.

I seriously hate Narian. No lie. I don't like him at all.

hate her hater her hate her hate her.  I'm not reading the next book, I won't do it.

It's funny yet scary at the same time. I hope you guys enjoyed it! 



  1. We all need to rant sometimes. I say have at and get it out of your system.

  2. Nicole, she really needed it. She is such a Stelfor fanatic and this I Love Narian fest is driving her mad, lol.



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