Tuesday, April 5, 2011

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Starstruck by Cyn Balog

When Gwendolyn “Dough” Reilly’s boyfriend and best friend Wish moves away in seventh grade, the only consolation she can find is in her family bakery’s donuts.  Now, it’s sophomore year, and Wish is coming back.  But in only three years, they’ve both changed—drastically.  She’s seriously overweight, and suddenly Wish is the most popular guy in school, and girls everywhere want him.  Dough has doubts that appearances don’t matter and that Wish can love her as she is, so she launches into a plan designed to keep them together.  That is, until she discovers that Wish’s gorgeous looks and charm might not be all they appear to be. 

I loved the characters Wish and Gwendolyn and how they were best friends before they started dating. Wish and Gwen know each other so well it’s just plan creepy. But, I guess that was the conflict; Gwen knew Wish so well that she instinctively knew something was up, even if she didn’t know what until Christian told her. Oh and speaking of Christian, he was the randomness guy ever! I mean first off he seems like a delinquent. Secondly, he had a creepy feeling about him; that is until Gwen got to know him.

The only thing is, that the beginning of the book almost made me want to NOT read it. I just didn’t like how Gwen blamed her weight gain and eating habits on Wish. I understand that she’s a teen and teens are self conscious, but she took it to another level. I felt like if she didn’t blame Wish and realized that it was her fault in the beginning that she would’ve felt better about herself earlier. I did love how Cyn made Gwen transition from self conscious to knowing and accepting that she was beautiful. It showed a growth in Gwen that I knew she had all along. Overall, I think the book was great. I still feel not great about the beginning, but when you get pass that the book is fantastic.

I recommend that if you love Cyn Balog and her books that you read Starstruck.

Overall this book was rated:
 - Gilbert

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